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Wishbone Productions Columbia SC


Taking  the  first  step  to  improve  yourself  or  your  company  begins  with  commitment.  Yet,  many  fear  the  risk.  Lets  eliminate  the  risk.  Contact  me  today  and  I’ll  show  you  how  we  can  work  together  – risk-free  –  insuring  your  goals  will  be achieved  if  not  surpassed.  Simply,  your satisfaction  is  guaranteed  no  matter  what  service  you  enlist.   Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit  your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profitability.


For over 30 years  as a business owner and consultant,  I have helped companies meet and surpass their goals. My client list includes Fortune 500s such as Newell Brands/ Yankee Candle Inc., Altria USA/Optimum Cablevision, Textron Inc. as well as dozens of start ups and small businesses.

As a top 10 trainer for Skillpath Seminars,  I have guided hundreds of managers to be better equipped to handle difficult workers, build highly productive teams, and lead to the highest possible achievement. 

My goal is to help you go beyond yours.

I began my career of giving as a soccer coach. Blessed with years as a university and professional player, I started sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation in 1989. From youth to college to ODP, many of my former players have gone on to stellar careers in universities, in the pros, and as members of our national teams. 

As a nationally acclaimed and award winning journalist, I have been honored to cover World Cups, Super Bowls and interview sports stars such as Mark Messier and Pele, business leaders like Lee Iacocca and Jack Welch, political figures such as Ronald Reagan and Ella Grasso, and celebrities like Marlo Thomas and Martha Stewart. The hallmark of my writing is my ability to communicate complex subjects simply and creatively. 

As a speaker,  I have been blessed to share my message of positivity with organizations such as the United Way, the University of Massachusetts, Summerfuel, the National Retail Federation and the American Cancer Society. I am sought after for my energy, enthusiasm as well as my unique perspective and skill as a wordsmith and motivator. My goal is to inspire you to be your best.

I am ready to help you. Let’s set goals together and together soar above and beyond them.